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Emotional To Emotionally Intelligence

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What is Emotional Intelligence? The ability to solve quadratic equations may be a function of a person’s IQ, but the ability to deal with everyday job stresses, shifting priorities, demanding customers, and difficult co-workers is a function of EQ or emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence.

Everything you need to teach a workshop or Courses for Emotionally Intelligence:

Who am I as a manager? Tuning into your senses, getting in touch with your feelings and knowing your goals

Emotion management
The dynamics of emotions, the worry buster, living with anxieties, 5-step freeze-frame technique

The essential elements, positive self-talk, visualisation, creating an EI environment

Am I Assertive?
Assertiveness is the ability to express your wishes and beliefs in a positive way. Too little assertiveness can make you a doormat. Too much, and we can be bossy and aggressive. Being assertive doesn’t mean getting your way; it means that you can express your wishes and beliefs in a positive non-destructive way. Brainstorm some ways that are used to deal with anger.

Emotional Self-Awareness
Emotional self-awareness is the ability to recognize one’s feelings.

Relationship management
Defining a relationship, types of relationship, why do we get together? Why do relationships fail? What makes an effective relationship? 6 steps to building effective relationships, tips for building exceptional relationships with colleagues

Emotion coaching
What does this mean? What do I need to know and be able to do? What is involved? Assessing & developing your emotional intelligence.How do you shape up?

Developing an emotionally intelligent organisation
Using EI as a change management strategy, 4 steps to organisational EI, example EI development program

Understanding Emotions
Understanding emotional competence will help you know yourself and learn ways to fine-tune your relationship skills.

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